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Code : PAR-MAK-000003
Item Description:
Artist:      Pradeep Makwana
Size:     24 X 30 X 2
Medium:     siporex Mural
Style:      Not Specified
Dated:    2001-2010
Signed:    Signed by the Artist
Framed:    Other

 Popularity 5 Elements :- Earth , Water, Air, Fire , Space.

(Specially designed for the people those who want fame, people like actor, model artist etc.)

SEA – Sea waves never stops. Its helps us to go on going without any fatigue.

MOUNTAIN – Mountain is a big power of support and backing.

WIND –Wind is powerful and unstoppable. It helps to get publicity & popularity.

LORD VISHNU CHAKRA – It helps to protect from enemies and negative energy. And to destroy the enemy.

SWASTIK – it stands for all things should be go in right way.

AUM – Aum sign is the most prominent symbol of Hinduism. The Om symbol signifies divinity and the oneness of all the creations of God. Om or Aum presents the never ending Brahman, where all forms of life exist. In this article, we will tell you the meaning of Om symbol, which will help you understand what does this Hindu Symbol Om Signify.

A represents the creator
U represents the Preserver
M represents the Destructor

Thus, the sign Aum signifies the trinity of God. It is symbolic of the three main Gods of Hindus, namely Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The three letters symbolize the three worlds, i.e. heaven, earth and netherworld. In the Vedas, the word AUM is the sound of sun, thus representing the sound of light. Almost all pilgrimage places of Hindus have the Om symbol enshrined. Many Hindus wear the Om sign symbols, as it is considered very auspicious.

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